Rules & Guidelines

Various sets of rules, guidelines, and important things you should know regarding Cosplay and other events at Jingle Brawl.


  • Feel free to come in costume, but please – no weapons (including shields) or inappropriate amounts of clothing coverage. (Weird that we have to say it, but that’s the way it is!) Cosplaying is meant to be fun and engaging, and we love to see your creativity! If you couldn’t bring your cosplay to your family reunion, then please don’t bring it to Jingle Brawl.
  • You must have hard-sole footwear at all times. Stockings are not considered sufficient footwear.
  • Additionally, we will not allow rollerblades, roller-skates, wheelies, etc.
  • If your clothing can be mistaken for law enforcement, we ask that you do not wear it. Uniforms are cool, but please make sure you clarify and distinguish yourself as a cosplayer.
  • Any make-up used on any part of the body must be properly sealed. Paints, glitters, etc. may be fun for you, but others may not share the enthusiasm of wearing your costume too.
  • No hate symbols or anything that could be construed as such
  • No costumes that emit smoke, fog, or odor – and no live animals.
  • All costumes/cosplay must meet state, federal, and city law.






  • NO harassment
  • NO harassment—we will remove you if you caught or reported doing this. End of discussion.
  • Cosplay does not mean consent to touch, take picture of, etc. Always ask.
  • Please wear deodorant
  • Ask before taking photos or video of anyone. Cosplayers are usually proud and want to show off their costume, but please ask them for a photo op.
  • Please keep bad language and swearing close to absolute zero. Again – family friendly!
  • Ask for hugs. If you just run up and grab someone when they do not want to be touched, it is considered assault.
  • Keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum. Remember you are in essence representing a character. Being drunk or obnoxious is not attractive.
  • If it’s not yours, no touchy! All the equipment and materials for Jingle Brawl are donated from our faculty and students’ personal collections – would you want YOUR stuff stolen?
  • Be nice. Everyone has the right to cosplay and not be harassed by someone over the quality or accuracy of his or her costume.
  • Don’t be a creeper. Hanging out with your friends and talking to other people is nice, just don’t stalk them.
  • Eat and stay hydrated. We don’t want to see you faint or get snappy because you didn’t eat your snickers bar today.

Violations of these policies will result in your removal from Jingle Brawl.