How To Find Us

For those of you who are not familiar with the UWGB campus, here are some instructions on how to get here and where to go once you are here!

Getting to campus from Green Bay, WI.

Below is a map that you can also access on the university website by clicking here.


Where to go once you’ve reached Nicolet Drive or Bay Settlement Road

You have two options, the red path or the green path. It is your choice on which path you take, but be warned! If your parking lot is full, you may need to find a different one. There is a larger copy you can view by clicking here.campus-map

The three highlighted areas are the parking lots you are allowed to park in as a visitor to the UWGB campus. The union (labeled as building number two if you look hard enough) where Jingle Brawl is held is closest to the visitor parking lot and the Kress Center parking lot. If you have to park in the Studio Arts lot, don’t worry! There is a path you can walk on called University Union Court that will take you right to the union.

Descend the staircase and you will find us. Hope to see you there!