Event Schedule

Please Note: All tournament times are subject to change based on hardware availability, number of players, etc. 

11:00 AM – Event Kickoff and Opening Remarks

  • Tournament registration begins
  • Prize registration begins
  • Arts & Crafts, Retro Corner, and other events open
  • On-site donations officially open

11:30 AM – Open Tekken 7 Play and Exhibition (PS4) starts

12:00 PM  – Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Prelims (presented by Press Start Games) start, Magic: The Gathering Prelims (presented by Gnome Games) start

12:30 PM – Madden NFL 18 Prelims (presented by Green Bay Packers Give Back) Start

1:00 PM – Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Prelims (presented by Game Trade) Start

1:30 PM – Injustice 2 Prelims (presented by Powers Comics) Start

3:00 PM – Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Finals, Magic: The Gathering Finals ; Dr. Carr Dances

3:30 PM – Injustice 2 Finals

4:00 PM – Super Smash Bros. Top 8/Finals

4:30 PM – Madden NFL 18 Finals

5:30 PM – Closing Remarks and Door Prize Giveaways


All-Day Events

  • Arts and Crafts Table – Make your own holiday ornament! Do some coloring!
  • Trivia Contests and Other Games – Win prizes for showing off your video game knowledge – or impersonating Pikachu, and more
  • Retro Corner – Enjoy classic video games like the NES, SNES, Gamecube, and more
  • Pool, Ping-Pong, and Shuffleboard
  • Tabletop Games and Demonstrations with Gnome Games
  • Music and Motion Games – Get up and move or rock out with games like Star Wars Kinect, Guitar Hero, and more
  • And lots more!