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Jingle Brawl is an annual video game tournament and charity fundraiser aimed at helping Wisconsin children in need. This annual event takes place on the campus of the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay and is organized and operated by students and faculty in the UWGB Game Studies program and is open to both community members from the university and the greater Green Bay/Wisconsin area (plus anyone else who wants to drop by!). Every penny raised at Jingle Brawl goes to benefit HSHS St. Vincent Children’s Hospital.

The Charity

HSHS St. Vincent Children’s Hospital is located in Green Bay, WI and it is Green Bay’s first children’s hospital! You can check out their website by clicking here. There are many kids who are in need this holiday season. Some of them won’t even be at home, they will be spending the holidays in the hospital. HSHS St. Vincent Children’s Hospital is helping families of Green Bay, WI and surrounding counties who may otherwise have to travel long and far distances to get the treatments their children need to recover. Take a look at some of the kids you will help with your gift to Jingle Brawl!





And many more!

UWGB Game Studies

The Game Studies program is a part of the Information Science department at UWGB. It is a new and flourishing emphasis that focuses on the importance of games in terms of entertainment, education, advertising and more. This emphasis covers both digital games and board games. Students complete a variety of papers and projects looking at games more critically and what they can teach us. Video game studies are still emerging (and in some place not even fully accepted) as a part of academia. Media literacy, theory, culture, current research, and the gaming industry are just a few of the focal points this emphasis covers. Engaging in game design and development can help Information Science students enhance their programming and coding skills as well as provide them with passionate projects. However, gaming is not exclusive to Information Science, almost everyone enjoys playing games, whether it be video games, board games, or card games! This emphasis also aims to involve other departments of UWGB, such as theater, history, science, psychology, and many more.

Jingle Brawl is a project put on by Game Studies students in hopes to involve other departments on campus and student-led organizations so students (and faculty) can come together to support children in need by doing what we all love: playing games! We hope that Jingle Brawl becomes an annual tradition at UWGB, and your participate can help make our vision a reality. So, come help us help kids by playing games.


Does it cost money to attend Jingle Brawl?

Nope! Jingle Brawl and the tournaments associated with it are free events. We do hope you will donate and encourage you to do so. Everyone is welcome to hang out, play games, and maybe even take home a fun prize at no cost.

Is Jingle Brawl family friendly?

Absolutely! All faculty and student volunteers are dedicated to maintaining a fun and welcoming environment for all. We do not feature any games that have higher than a “T” rating from the ESRB. There are plenty of activities for kids of all ages, even those who may not be particularly interested in picking up a controller. It’s a great family outing and a lot of fun!

Where is my money going?

By donating to St. Vincent Children’s Hospital through Jingle Brawl, you are helping children in the hospital. These money goes towards treatments, technology, equipment, and more!

 Where can I donate?

You can stop by at our event and donate directly by cash or check. You can also donate online by clicking here.

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